About us

Industrial Minerals and Raw Materials

We are international suppliers of industrial raw materials. Working under the strictest quality standards, we seek excellence in our processes and total satisfaction of our customers and suppliers.

Collaborating with the main mines of the world, and having a wide processing capacity and service, as well as zinc oxide 99,9% production, we are able to satisfy the mineral product requirements of all our clients.

Corporate social responsibility

Our long and proven track record in the industry grants us an extensive know-how that we do not hesitate to share with our clients; which allows them to achieve their objectives and projects, creating stronger ties in our relationships.

In Pilato, we operate under a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) framework, spreading the decision-making process through every level of the organization. This allows us to have a global vision of the impacts that our decisions can generate in the economic, social and environmental dimensions, optimizing our resources and constantly improving our collaboration with customers, suppliers, employees and Government.