We provide raw materials for the production of pavements and coatings, both in traditional industries, such as stoneware, as in white paste and porcelain.

We supply products to companies engaged in the manufacture of construction materials, with the aim of achieving the necessary properties of the final product, both for aesthetic reasons and to avoid efflorescence.

We offer fundamental products for the production of sanitary ware, providing strength and solidity to the final product.

We supply top quality raw materials for the glass sectors, both flat and for packaging, table glass, etc. Likewise, Pilato is present in the manufacture of fiberglass for technical and industrial uses, and in the manufacture of thermal and sound insulators.

Pilato participates in the fertilizer industry supplying natural and synthetic raw materials, contributing to improve the performance and development of the different crops.

In the refractory industry, we provide high quality raw materials that confer excellent properties to the final product.

We supply raw materials to companies that manufacture chemical substances, whether they are chemical industrial producers of final application or intermediate products.

We provide with raw materials for the production of electrodes in the different fields of this industry.

Pilato has an important presence in the detergent industry, supplying raw materials that provide excellent whitening, softening and germicidal properties.

We serve raw materials for the production of adhesive products and sealants, intended for construction, DIY and industrial use.

Zinc borate acts as flame retardant as well as smoke suppressor.

Pilato supplies products that act as flame retardants in paints, reduce moisture permeability and prevent corrosion, providing special textures and resistance to UV rays.