We are pleased to announce that on Thursday, 23rd May, we were honoured with the prestigious Platinum Award in the ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) category by the ZIA (Zircon Industry Association). The 2024 conference, where the awards ceremony took place, was held in Perth, Australia.

The ZIA, a leading organisation in the zircon industry, bestows this award to highlight companies that demonstrate excellence and leadership in environmental management, social responsibility, and corporate governance. Being recognised with the Platinum Award is an honour that underscores our efforts to integrate ESG principles into our competitive strategy and operations.

Mario Pilato, the company’s president, expressed: “Receiving the Platinum Award from the ZIA is a significant achievement for us. This recognition not only reflects our commitment to sustainability and social responsibility but also motivates us to continue innovating and improving our practices to positively contribute to our environment and community.”

This award is the result of our strategic initiatives in key areas such as emissions reduction, energy efficiency, responsible resource management, and the promotion of fair and safe labour practices. Our comprehensive approach to ESG not only benefits the environment and society but also strengthens our position and reputation in the global market.

We thank the ZIA and its ESG committee for this recognition. Of course, we extend our gratitude to our entire team for their commitment and constant effort to achieve the highest possible standards of corporate governance.