Zinc oxide 99.9%

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As zinc oxide manufacturers, our goal is to meet the needs of most industries and uses. In order to achieve this, we manufacture high purity zinc oxide.

Obtaining it

Obtaining it requires a process that features the least possible variation of the quality characteristics that matter to our client. Therefore, we use the indirect manufacturing process, which relies on high purity electrolytic zinc ingots. After melting and vaporizing the ingot, zinc reacts with the oxygen in the air and zinc oxide is obtained. This is separated from the air transporting it within the bag filters and sent to interior silos. Finally, zinc oxide reaches the packing stations. This whole process is done continuously.

Our resources

People selected and trained by us. We believe that manufacturing a high quality product requires having well-trained people within a stable workforce.

Raw material. We rely on high purity electrolytic ingots manufactured according to EN 1179, selected for our manufacture. We also select and approve the suppliers involved in the process, based on their ability to meet the requirements.

Facilities exclusively dedicated to zinc oxide production, minimizing the possibility of cross contamination.

Traceability. From the reception of the ingot to the zinc oxide expedition, our system is traceable because the relevant information is recorded and maintained batch by batch. This way we can know how the manufacturing process has been developed from beginning to end..


In PILATO we are experienced zinc oxide manufacturers since 1998. The manufacturing of zinc oxide from pure zinc metal is part of the scope of the ISO 9001 Certificate.

Zinc oxide is registered according to the REACH regulation since 2010.
It complies with the European Pharmacopoeia in force, with impurity values much lower than the required limits.
GMP. The product destined for the pharmaceutical sector is manufactured in accordance with the European Guide to Good Manufacturing Practice for medicinal Products for Human and Veterinary Use PART II BASIC REQUIREMENTS FOR ACTIVE SUBSTANCES USED AS STARTING MATERIALS.
PILATO has ASMF (Active Substance Master File) for zinc oxide, so that the pharmaceutical laboratories users and the competent authorities can evaluate their suitability in medical drugs.


Zinc oxide is part of the formulation of several
products from various industries, among which are:

Ceramic Frits, Glazes and Pigments


Pharmacy and cosmetics


Lubricants and greases








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